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Why I Love My Moka Pot And You Should Too

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Since the beginning of my life, I remember how my parents used to drink coffee every morning while sitting at the small table that is perfect for two. The table right next to the big living room window that looks out over the oak tree that was planted in our front lawn. Ever since then, coffee has always had a very special place in my heart and like my parents, I start my day with a cup of coffee.

Every morning I enjoy a cup of warm grounded coffee while standing on the balcony of my 3rd-floor apartment. Every morning many people stop at the coffee cafe right in front of my apartment block to get their morning coffee on the way to work. While taking a sip from my steaming cup, I started to wonder why more don’t people just make their own coffee at home. They all like to start the day with a perfect cup of coffee anyway. It’s easy, get your coffee grounds, put it inside your coffeemaker, and then let it brew. Pour the hot steaming coffee in a cup and enjoy. While I’m thinking this, I start to wonder if there might be another, better and easier way to prepare coffee. Maybe a coffeemaker that makes strong coffee, stronger than grounded coffee or espresso.

To this day my Moka pot is still my choice of brewing, even though I own an espresso machine. I learned a lot abaout the art of brewing with a Moka pot, and I improved my skills considerably. I could probably participate in a Moka pot brewing contest, and I would be a serious competitor. But here is how it all started.

After some research, I discovered the Moka pot. Moka pots have been used by families and friends for a very long time as an iconic coffeemaker. The Moka Pot has been used since the 1900s in most Italian households. Luigi De Ponti invented the Moka Pot coffeemaker which was then in 1933 bought and patented by Alfonso Bialetti. This ninety-year-old coffeemaker is now being used in many different countries and is most famous in European Countries. It became a household name in Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

At first, I wasn’t exactly sure if the Moka pot was the right coffeemaker for me. Since I love a good espresso maybe I should just buy an espresso maker. The Moka Pot makes a really strong coffee but many people don’t consider it to make an espresso. Since to make espresso you need the pressure to be at 9 bars while the Moka pot only reaches a pressure of 2 to 3 bars. However, Moka Pots create espresso-like coffee thats not as strong as espresso, but not as light as a drip coffee. Theyre the perfect combination to get that nice in-between flavor. Though it’s not true espresso, the Moka Pot brews about 2-3 times stronger coffee than normal drip coffee, and will still satisfy any espresso craving. The Moka pot brews a heartier and robust flavor. A Moka pot is a cheaper option as the price only range between $30 to $100, while the espresso machine price range between $100 to $1200. The Moka pot is cheaper and makes better coffee.

I immediately decided to purchase a Moka Pot. So that day just before I left for work, I went on to Amazon and purchased my first Moka pot. As it arrived on my doorstep, I noticed its unique aluminum design and found it strange. It’s almost completely unknown of since aluminum isn’t considered a primary metal used on kitchenware. I learned the history behind the design of the Moka Pot and realised how much better it is. The reason why Alfonso Bialetti used Aluminum is that his business was in the metalwork and aluminum industry in France. Using aluminum as the primary metal for this coffeemaker was considered an innovation during that time. The Moka Pot brought aluminum to the limelight since the aluminum allowed the pot to heat up much faster.

The next morning I made my first cup of coffee with my brand new Moka Pot. It was the first time I have ever used a stovetop coffee maker, it’s so much smaller and more convenient due to its fast brewing time which saved me so much time during my morning routine. As I stepped out on my balcony to enjoy my cup of coffee like I do every morning, I was unaware that in only a few minutes my life would be changed forever. As I took the first sip of my coffee, I was introduced to a stronger and more flavorful coffee than ever before and I fell in love with it on the spot. I realized that the Moka Pot makes the best coffee ever, even better than an espresso I thought. Why haven’t I discovered this coffeemaker earlier? The Moka pot is so easy to use. It doesn’t have any wires, and it doesn’t have many parts. It’s faster, easier, and better. At the age of 34, I finally found the best coffee and the best coffee maker. After I finished my perfect cup of coffee, I walked to the edge of my balcony, put my hands on the railing and shouted from the top of my lungs “I love my Moka pot”.

So don’t be like me and wait 34 years before buying your Moka Pot. The perfect coffee has never been this easy to make and it has never tasted this good. To this day my Moka pot is still my choice of brewing, even though I own an espresso machine. A kitchen won’t be complete without the iconic Moka pot. Whether you buy it for yourself or make it the perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with a Moka Pot. It is the perfect coffeemaker for all coffee lovers.